Now I lay me down to sleep

Tuesday 22nd May 2007

Or not. The irony that I’m listening to a song called Sleep as I write this is not lost on me.

So tomorrow I have my last exam, and thus the end of my first year of University (as long as theres no resits…). Bloody hell, it’s gone by rather quickly. I say that, but at the same time it feels as if I’ve already been here forever; it feels as if I’ve known the people I’ve met here for ages, and it feels as if I’ve been in the University routine for years.

But I havent. I realised the other day that it’s just over a year since we stood down for study leave at School. It’s my last exam tomorrow (ok, today, if we’re being picky), and also 11 months since my last A level exam. Now that feels like it was a long time ago. It feels like it’s been years since we whiled away lunch in the Hall, pratted about in maths lessons or ambled into Bartley over lunch. It feels like an age since I enjoyed my daily commute…

Isn’t it funny when we look back that we generally only remember the positive things? I don’t remember having to get up at half 7 every morning, or having to de-ice the car before I left. I don’t think of those endless lunchtimes spent supervising insidious little twats in the IT room, or the endless politics. Hmm.

It’s only been a year, but it feels as if so much has happened; as if everyone I’ve known since then (as well as me, probably) has changed so much. Not always for the better, sadly…

Talking about time, it’s disturbing me slightly how warped my perception of it has become lately. I think of 1am as “an early night”. It’s half three at the moment, and I’m still not thinking “oh, I should go to bed soon”. It’ll start to get light in the next hour. I don’t know that from looking it up, I know that because it’s got light at about half 4 for the last few days, and I’ve been awake to watch it.

Anyway, I have an exam in little over 9 hours. I suppose I should go sleep, or at least do something productive.

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Tuesday 22nd May 2007, 8:30 pm

I’ll tell you what’s really weird – I’m friends with a couple of current U6s from KEFW on Facebook, and seeing them post their ‘Last Week at Five Ways’ photos makes me feel really old somehow! Also seeing how people have altered in those 11/12 months. Haircuts!

But every time someone reminds me that first year is nearly at a close, my reaction is the same as it ever was: “La la la, not listening!” Some things don’t change!

Hope the exam went OK :)


Thursday 24th May 2007, 8:00 am

How is it I’ve managed to miss this blog for so long?

I think I actually blanked out those little MSN stars.

Yeh, I really know what you mean. I kinda miss the hall. At least, in one of those short intervals of time in which everything wasn’t going to hell in a handbasket.

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