Tuesday 8th January 2008

Cold. Wet. Dark. Miserable. Damn I hate winter…

Honestly, it’s so depressing. Especially January. I hate January. Nothing seems to happen, except exams. And they’re right after Christmas, which was really good fun (and the only good thing to happen in winter), so obviously I’m nowhere near prepared for them. And obviously I’m nowhere near being in the mood to prepare for them, because its cold and dark and miserable everywhere. I just want to wrap myself up in bed with a selection of books, CDs, DVDs, chocolate and port, and gradually work my way through it all in time to emerge from my cocoon some time in March.

The thing is, from January to March seems to go reeeally slowly. And then March to October flash before your eyes, only for September to December to proceed at the correct pace. Honestly, last April seemed to go by in a week. I could swear that July lasted a day, not a month. Whereas February seemed to last about a year. Not fair! The crappy bit should go quickly, and the good bit should go slow! Not fair not fair not fair!

At least when I could drive, I could cheer myself up that way (driving in rain or snow or darkness is fun). Now I just have to wait for spring.

Hurry up please, spring…

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Tuesday 8th January 2008, 6:32 pm

That’s the advantage of having a winter birthday – I look forward to January!

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