The Pixies In My Computer Like Free

Thursday 17th April 2008

I’ve had Winamp on shuffle for the last few days, because I couldn’t be bothered picking an album to listen to the other day and I just haven’t changed it since then. It’s a good way of getting myself to listen to something different – I download acquire music quite a bit and just never listen to it, or listen to it once then forget about it. I’ve heard quite a few things that I’ve thought “ooh, this is really good”, which is nice. Anyway something I’ve noticed is that Free is coming up a lot. I’m not sure if this is just perceived or whatever, and it’s not as if I have significantly more Free than anything else. So I’ve decided the the Pixies in my Computer like Free.

The Pixies in my Computer clearly have taste.

On a similarly musical note, I’m looking for some new headphones at the moment because mine are pretty broken (the cans have kinda fallen off the headband, and I’m fed up of reattaching them). Thing is though that it’s really hard to decide which ones are any good just from the internet; you really need to hear them. But if I go down the road to Maplin and ask to listen to them, that’s no use either because they won’t have been broken in yet.

I’ve been poking around on the net and I think I might go for a set of Beyerdynamic DT231s. But then, I could go for another set of Sennheisers… I think not actually – my current ones (different type, admittedly) have only lasted about 14 months, which is fairly poor. But then I don’t know they Beyers will fare any better… Ah, the choices!

Anyway, got back to Cardiff the other day. Mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s nice to be back because I do appreciate the independance thing. But then on the other hand, I’m not exactly reined in at home. I stay up as late as I want (and get up as late as I want), I go out when I want, I do what I want. Much the same as here then, but with the advantage of having food made and washing done for me.

And, if I get bored here, I tend to sit in my room and think “hmm, I’m bored”. At home, theres usually someone about (even if its just the dog) to entertain me. Hmm.

Also, being back at Uni reminds me that I have a bunch of coursework due in the next few weeks, as well as a load of exams. And I still don’t have a job for next year, so I need to be doing that and chasing people. I think I’m gonna try to head down to the library tomorrow to finish an application and to revise without distraction. I’ve tried to work in my room, but it’s so much easier to do something else, anything else. Like watch all of the first series of Monkey Dust on DVD…

I’m loving the weather at the moment though. I hate in winter when it’s only light for about 15 minutes each day. It’s just so much nicer when you leave the house in the morning (I’m awake in the morning sometimes) and it’s nice and bright, instead of it being dark and dreary. Feels so much more pleasant.

Anyway, back to exams… Considering their proximity I think I should probably be starting to get a bit more concerned/stressed/whatever. That said, I never get stressed by the damn things. I’d do so much better if I did…

This post is probably already sub-par, and I can’t really think of anything else to write. Except that I should probably go to sleep soon, or something. I’ve heard that’s what people do at night, but to be honest I think it’s just an elaborate hoax. You can’t believe everything you read on the net, after all…

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Thursday 17th April 2008, 9:56 am

Tags: Procrastination. I anticipate a lot of these in the immediate future.

Boredom. Yes. I tend to overwrite and overthink and overprocrastinate. Evenings drag on and on unnecessarily, I’m sure there’s something that could entertain me.

Light evenings. Make more difference than I can articulate.

I like sub-par. It’s better than no-par. If that makes sense.


Thursday 17th April 2008, 9:40 pm

I’ve absolutely managed to do nothing these holidays. I woke up at 1pm today. I also have imminent exams. Totally fucked.

The pixies in my computer (saying Pixies while talking about music is just going to lead to confusion) pretty much have to put up with endless JoCo right now!


Friday 18th April 2008, 9:35 am

Posted: 17 April 2008, 3:29 am
I feel like a sub-bar student. I’m normally in bed before 12 these days and up with the lark. Well most of the time. I think it’s mainly to do with the pre-exam nerves kicking in and the realisation that these are my LAST exams and screwing them up really isn’t an option.

I wish you best luck with yours.

Uni’s starting to grate my nerves, if only because of the people I’m around sometimes. They all seem a bit petty now I realise that sounds so patronising but I’m sick and tired of the way some people think they can act. But that’s another story.

Get Elbow’s new album, it’s good. Fact.

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