It Could Only Happen in F1…

Thursday 9th December 2010

At the start of the 2010 season, 3 new teams entered F1. One of these teams decided to call themselves “Lotus”, in honour of the team founded by Colin Chapman that competed in F1 (and other forms of motorsport) between 1954 and 1994, won 13 championships and introduced many of the innovative ideas that shaped the technical aspect of the sport.

They’ve had a reasonably successful first year, and for 2011 they have signed a deal to use Renault engines (which have just won the championship in the Red Bull). The team have also announced that the livery of the cars will echo one of Lotus’ classic liveries. This means that next year, the team will be known as ‘Team Lotus Renault’, and will be run in a black and gold livery.

All very good, and all very simple, yes? Perhaps not…

Renault have owned their F1 team for about 10 years now, but since the story of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, they have been steadily withdrawing from the sport. Last year they sold part of the team to a private investment firm. This year, they’ve sold the rest of their stake in the team to the Lotus car company, which was founded by Colin Chapman to support his racing ambitions. Group Lotus want to expand the company, increase their model range and sell more cars, and so they want to get back into motorsport for the marketing potential. So they’ve bought into the F1 team, which will keep Renault engines for next year.

The deal was announced yesterday, and they also announced that the cars would run in one of Lotus’ classic liveries. This means that next year, the team will be known as ‘Lotus Renault GP’, and will be run in a black and gold livery.

Two Lotus-Renault teams. Both with basically the same livery. Excellent!

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