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Champions Forever

Friday 22nd April 2011

I’m looking for something to watch tonight, and I remembered that I have the above film bookmarked. To help me decide whether to watch it now, I’ve just watched the first part. The introduction is possibly the best introduction to, and explanation of, motorsport and the reason why it’s so easy to let it get under your skin. Why there are millions of people who are so passionate about cars going round and round:

“During those three days, the human capacity for excellence, for ingenuity, for callousness, for vulgarity, for sheer noise, for waste, for daring, for beauty… Those capacities are stretched about as far as they can go.”

And that’s why it’s such a captivating spectacle.

Whilst I’m linking to things which are cool, here’s another video on a similar vein. It was made by the BBC, a couple of years ago. And it’s full of awesome:

And also, the BBC’s introduction this year was really good (even if it’s voiced by Eddie Jordan…).

This year promises to be an epic season; we’re now 3 races in, and they’ve all been very good. In fact the last race (which is still on iPlayer) was one of the best I’ve seen. As usual, I strongly recommend that you at least give it a go, at least once (from the beginning of the race, and paying full attention…).

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