Friday 11th May 2007

My exams start on Monday. So by rights, I should be revising quite solidly at the moment. Well… It is sort of happening – I’ve managed to do a bit every day, just probably not as much as I would’ve liked. I really find it hard to revise – I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been very good at it.

I kind of started to appreciate why the other day. For some bizarre reason computing coursework was set just after easter, due in before the exams started (today, in fact). Awful timing, because it meant I’ve essentially lost a day of revision in having to go down to the computer room (in the rain!) to piss about with Matlab for a couple of hours. The weird thing is that, doing work like that is something that I actually really enjoy.

I find this with most “projects”. Whether it’s Matlab, drawing a section through a building, designing a bridge or even just designing this site, once I start concentrating on a task like that I find that I can really get my head down and just do it, and I find that I really enjoy it. I love that feeling of satisfaction at the end, where you’ve worked for a few hours to produce something tangible, something you can hold up and say “look, this is what I’ve done”. Revision isn’t like that – you don’t really get the fruits of your labour until you get the exam results back.

Another thing is that I can never decide quite how to revise. Going back to proper work, with my Matlab coursework the first thing that I did was grab a piece of paper and just plan a logical way of doing what needed to be done, and then work through that plan. I find it hard to do something similar with revision. If I sit down and say “right, today I’m going to revise Geology”, I don’t know where to go from there. Do I read through notes? Find some questions to do? How do I know when I’ve done enough revision? Inevitably, you dont, so I always go into an exam feeling slightly unprepared until I turn the paper over and find out if I can do the questions or not.

It’s all rather annoying, and easily avoided by watching TV, MSN or playing games. Ah, good old procrastination…

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