When people don’t know what they’re talking about

Sunday 27th May 2007

And for once I’m not on about the climate debate…

This article from the BBC caught my eye earlier. And, to be frank, it’s just a joke.

I watched the race today, and anyone who says that McLaren stopped them from racing each other must have been watching a different race. Alonso and Hamilton were both on the absolute edge, especially for most of the first stint. The difference between the two is that Alonso was (marginally) faster, and a lot more experienced. That is why he won. Anyone who suggests that McLaren would favour one driver over another (without good reason, this early into the season), clearly doesnt know anything about the sport, or have very short memories; Prost and Senna were ferociously competetive against each other, and in fact so far this season we’ve blatently seen that the McLaren drivers are allowed to race each other. Like in Australia, where Hamilton led Alonso for a good part of the race, and the last two races where he’s finished ahead of Alonso.

The only reason people have suggested an “anti-Hamilton” bias is because, for the first time this season, Alonso shaded Hamilton all weekend. And the British media don’t like someone beating their golden boy…

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