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Seeing Orange

Sunday 18th November 2007

So I just had to top up my phone. I won’t name the network, but lets call them Yellow. Usually when I top up, I just use their website and do it all online. Takes a couple of minutes, and saves me getting up off my lazy arse. Anyway, apparently the site is closed at the moment for maintenance(!), so I called up to do it that way.

Anyone who uses Ora-, I mean Yellow, PAYG knows that they’ve just redone all their phone menus with a different, friendlier-sounding person. And that’s fine, but I think they’ve tried to re-do it all to make it sound like you’re actually dealing with a real person. Some of the things she “says” are exactly the same things that ill-educated dolts say to try to sound polite. Like, after I enter my details, and how much to top up, “I’ll just put that through for you…”. Okay, fair enough, but do you have to then, 3 seconds later, say “I’m just putting that through for you”, just to fill the silence? As if I’m sat with the phone to my ear, thinking “damn, what am I actually doing here?” and need reminding that something is happening? NONONO!

Finally, when it’s all done, does it have to say “By the way, did you know you can also use our website to top your phone up?”…


Actually, one of the less painful phone menu things that I’ve used. Some of the ones I’ve used at work are just.. urgh.

Anyway, I need to finish drawing a flow net. Joy!

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