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Thursday 28th May 2009

So I’ve just been trying to write a couple of the things off the list in the last entry, but it’s not working. So instead, here’s some drivel.

I sometimes struggle with what to blog about. I’m told that I’m very opinionated, but I don’t like writing stuff like that too much because who wants to read the bollocky opinions of some twat they don’t know on the Internet? The other extreme is to keep a blog that’s basically like a diary, but then I don’t like doing that for a similar reason; who would read it? Both are silly, because I’m fairly sure that theres lots of nosy bastards on the net who do enjoy reading such stuff (I know, I’m one of ’em :D ).

I guess the main reason for not keeping a diary-esque blog is that I don’t want that sorta thing on the internet…

I used to be able to think of stuff to write down really easily, and once I thought of something I could bash something out pretty well. I think I can still think of stuff I want to write (see the list on the last entry), but for some reason I find it much harder to transfer those thoughts into a well-written blog. I think a big reason is that I’m out of practice, because I don’t blog as often any more. And I don’t blog because I’m out of practice. Yeah, that works well…

Like I said, I tried to write a couple of things this evening, but to be honest what I wrote just seemed to be a bit muddled. Maybe it’s because I’ve been at work and I’m tired, I dunno. I should probably write an essay plan or something. Or even better, write things down when I think about them!

The only thing I really feel motivated to write about regularly is motorsport. But I don’t think anyone who reads this would care, so I don’t really bother. Which is daft really…

Anyway, it’s Thursday now. Which means that the weekend starts tomorrow afternoon. I’m gonna try to write something a bit less shit at the weekend. Dunno what about, but just something. Of course, I say “try”, that doesnt mean it’ll get published. Le sigh.

Just so your time isn’t completely wasted by this entry, listen to this. Tis good.

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Thursday 28th May 2009, 7:39 pm

You have outdone yourself, sir. Usually it’s just one line start on the “I’ve bee meaning to write” but now, a whole entry? Oh, you do spoil us! Get to it…

The link didn’t work for me. What is it?


Thursday 28th May 2009, 10:07 pm

Bloody hell woman, you moan when i dont blog, then moan when i do. Make yer mind up :p

(yeh, this is a crap entry. I’ll write something less rubbish soon. Probably. maybe.)

Spotify ftw! Download now :)
(it’s this guy, singing a really rather good song.)


Friday 29th May 2009, 7:25 am

I’m just a big moaner. Isn’t that what being a blogger is about? :P

I tried to spotify a while back but it didn’t work properly or something and I got distracted by something shiny.

Good things come to those who wait…


Thursday 4th June 2009, 1:54 pm

We all blather and muddle incoherently along – as Flix pointed out on another post of yours, you write something, someone shouts at you, and you go, ‘yeah, I didn’t quite mean what I said’ and thus commentversation is born. Write anything. Write about how annoying/great it is that it’s stopped being sunny. Write about how weird it is not to be doing exams at this time of year. Write about your relationship with your family. Write about motorsport if you must, if only to explain to the rest of us why you love it so much. Just write. That’s what I do. Or find something interesting and link to it and then we may or may not get into some completely overheated debate about it. Just do it. Challenge yourself – write something Every Single Day and before you know where you are you’ll be writing quality stuff (unlike me, I jsut blather, but my hope is one day it’ll be interesting blather…). xxx


Thursday 11th June 2009, 11:48 am

I agree – write about ANYTHING. No matter how daft or pointless. Practice makes perfect, after all!

And as for the motorsport entries, I enjoy reading them, so please keep ’em up! =)


Thursday 11th June 2009, 11:12 pm

I don’t want to just write anything though!

“Write about…”
well as you asked… re: sunshine, it didnt stop for long (/at all, when you posted that comment), and i’ve been inside all this week anyway. The only bad thing about it at the moment is my immense allergy to the month of June (hayfever…). It’s not weird to not have exams; I wouldn’t know its exam season if people didn’t tell me it was. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty much completely out of StudentLand at the moment (and it’s fucking great!). I’m not gonna write about my relationship with my family, cos – immediate family aside – it’s weird and tbh I’m not sure I’ve talked about that properly even to people who know me well. Motorsport probably will get written about at some point though :)

“I’m just a big moaner. Isn’t that what being a blogger is about? :P”
nah, that’s what being female is about… *runs away* :P


Saturday 25th July 2009, 11:26 am

How about you write about:

* Technology
* Photography
* Alcohol
* Business/economy
* Politics
* Life, the universe, everything
* Driving
* Engineering/work

Just some suggestions, likes.

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