Monday 19th October 2009

Twas the Brazilian Grand Prix a few hours ago, and some of you might know the result.

Interlagos usually makes for a good race, and this year’s was no different. It was really entertaining watching the different strategies play out over the race distance and trying to work out how it would pan out – and more importantly how it would affect the driver’s championship. There was plenty of overtaking (especially from Button, who drove an absolutely sublime race), a lot of drama and passion and the odd bit of fire. Basically, all the things that make F1 great were in abundance and it was an absolute joy to watch. Anyone who doesn’t get the attraction of motorsport and has never watched a race I implore you to get on iPlayer now and watch it (or the highlights if you’ve got the attention span of a newt), because you might find you enjoy it.

So what did one of my housemates say was the best bit? “When Kovalainen left the pit too early and showered fuel on Raikkonen and it caught fire!!!”. Dick. (Raikkonen finished 6th by the way, despite getting petrol in his eyes and – im not sure if this is true – burning his face slightly. Not a bad effort)

Most importantly, BrawnGP and Jenson Button won the constructor’s and driver’s championships respectively. So that’s 2 British world champion drivers in the field now, and another British champion team. As a country we’re very quick to denigrate ourselves when it comes to sport. People say we’re crap because we never win anything, but motorsport is the one thing that we absolutely dominate. As a country, we’ve won more F1 world titles than anyone else and most of the cars are built here. When a young driver wants to make a name for themselves, they come to Britain because our junior racing series are the best in the world, because most of the best teams are based here. Yet how many people know that much about it, compared to football say?

In Italy, Ferrari is as big as the football team is here. It’s a Big Deal when they launch their new F1 car; it makes the national news. Everything that goes on at the team is scrutinised by the Italian media, in the same way that everything to do with the England football team is scrutinised here. Ferrari isn’t just “an F1 team”, it’s basically the Italian F1 team and if you drive for them you’re driving for Italy.

My point is that we have the Williams, BrawnGP, McLaren, Force India, Renault and Red Bull teams all based in Britain. Why the lack of support? Meh.

Anyway! The real reason behind this post:



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Monday 19th October 2009, 12:48 pm

I missed the crash. This made me sad.

To be fair, in England we have the best Football league in the world, it’s just that very few of the players who play in it are actually English, which is why our national team is kinda made of suck.

It is quite impressive that most of the teams are based here, Rowan is very eager to tell me about it all the time. Apparently a fair few graduates from Imperial Aeronautical Engineering make their way into it.


Monday 19th October 2009, 2:36 pm

Psh, crashes arent good.

Anyway, that was my point, we’re really good at motorsport, yet theres very little coverage compared to crappy football. There’s all this interest in football but apparently very few decent British players. British F1 drivers have won 14 championships over the years, the highest of any country. The next highest is Brazil with 8. The team championship is even more impressive; British teams have won 33 titles, Italy has the next highest total with 16. At Le Mans, a completely different type of motorsport, Brits have won the most with 40 wins, France next with 37. Did you know that a British driver won one of the rally world championships this year? Or that recently in world touring cars, a British driver won the championship three years in a row?

My point: we have the best national motorsport in the world, with great teams and great drivers. The best people from those championships become good enough to take on the rest of the world and win, consistently. Why does the media not shout about it from the rooftops?

Rugby suffers from a similar thing actually. OK so we’re not brilliant, but the national rugby teams are way, way better than their football counterparts, yet no-one pays attention (in England anyway. You kinda can’t avoid it in Wales…). I guess what I’m saying is that football is a shit game that we really suck at and theres better things out there that we’re actually half decent at. Why don’t more people watch those things?


Monday 19th October 2009, 2:41 pm

And in fact, even apart from the sporting excellence that our motorsport industry fosters, the level of engineering expertise that it generates is phenomenal and should be recognised more.

Also I forgot to say, back in the day I think there were a few F1 teams who used the Imperial windtunnel to develop their cars. And I think Ive told you before that one of the current drivers was offered a place at Imperial to do Aeronautics, but for some reason decided to go get paid lots of money to race F1 cars around the world instead…

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