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Thursday 24th December 2009

Considering that Blogs are inherently personal things, it’s perhaps odd that I try to avoid writing anything too personal. Other people blog about life and love and things like that, but I couldn’t bring myself to write about myself like that on the Internet. The weird thing is that if I went to the pub with any of the people who comment here regularly, then I’d probably be more than happy to prattle on about that sort of stuff. I think it’s the fact that it’s available to anyone, whenever I write something there’s the nagging thought of “can this come back to bite me?” which stops me saying anything too obvious.

If you read my blog you can probably make certain inferences about me, and you’d possibly know certain things about me that people that I regularly see don’t know. I can’t think what, but I’m sure theres something. I think that the reasons why people read blogs is interesting. I’ve always tried to avoid posts which are too much about the daily grind because I think that people would find them boring, but then when I read other people’s blogs which are like that I almost always find them pretty interesting. I think people are just naturally nosy, so the opportunity so see a snapshot of someone elses life, even if you don’t know them, is pretty compulsive.

I find it interesting reading back through my old entries, here and elsewhere. Theres a lot of really subtle references to things which reflect where I was at that time. Or maybe they’re not subtle, but no-one commented on them at the time so I think I got away with it. Only a couple of people that read this would know what I’d be referring to anyway, so I suppose that helps.

It’s not as if I’m trying to be mysterious or anything like that. Really I don’t like talking about myself, and to a point I hate it when people talk about themselves too much. You know how some people always have loads of amusing anecdotes which they share at any opportunity? Well I don’t do that, I just don’t think to do it. I could probably think of a few, but really I can’t stand it when other people do that so I don’t do it myself. I also don’t talk about friends too much; my uni friends probably couldnt name three of my home friends, and vice versa, wherease I could probably do so for most of them. Bloody hell, my parents probably don’t know the names of most of my friends! It’s not that I’ve done that on purpose, I just don’t talk about them that much to people who don’t know them.

Drama annoys me. People who live their life constantly going from one crisis to the next really irritate me, because really they just want the attention. I’m not one for showing too much of what’s going on under the surface; I’d be surprised if even the people who are closest to me could tell when I’m feeling particularly down in the dumps (unless I’ve told them as much). So I guess that spills over into my blogging. When I started writing the intention was to keep it more “factual”; for my blog to be a place to write about my opinions and basically rant, but not a sort of “diary” thing. I think it’s gotten more personal over time, but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable with writing about my love life, for instance. Not that there’s anything at all to report on that front (other than the same depressing story as for the last way too long), but whatever.

Anyhow, I was going somewhere with this but I got distracted by Monty Python clips on YouTube. And now I’m tired, so sleep beckons…

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Thursday 24th December 2009, 1:12 pm

The two main reasons I started a blog still stand. I am a private person. I am also an attention seeker. A paradoxical mix. This is an interesting entry, the part that really stuck out to me was about subtle references that no-one appears to pick up on. The thing is, some of the most insightful or informative words from a person may not necessarily be the parts that are commented on, and because you can’t observe the reaction, it’s easy to kind of assume that there isn’t one or forget that you’ve mentioned it. One slipped sentence can say more than a whole entry.

The home/uni friends knowledge also amuses me. Some people say that it’s odd for people to not be aware of who the other friends are, and I can see the point, if you’re close to a person, you would expect that other people you’re close to would know of them. But not everybody needs to be aware of everyone in your life, especially if the knowledge isn’t reciprocated. I know more about some of my housemate’s home friends than I do of my own. And then, irony makes me chuckle, because it seems odd that I know so much about these people I’ve never met…it’s different when it’s second hand stories, though :P

Also with the love/life talk, it’s partly a male thing, innit? /stereotype


Monday 28th December 2009, 3:36 am

Haha, I thought that you in particular would find this post interesting, Flix :-)

I know what you’re saying abotu the love/life talk being a male thing (tsk tsk stereotypes :p). It certainly applies for love, although there are some very close friends with whom it gets discussed. As to life, I dunno. Like, when I was growing up both my younger brothers would come home from school and tell my parents all about what they’d done. I never really did that, and the same sort of thing still applies to an extent.

As for the friends thing, I think i’ve just partitioned things in my head. I wouldn’t think to tell my Home-friends a hilarious story about Cardiff-friends because they don’t know them so why would they find it interesting? But when I’m with Cardiff-friends obviously we continually retell that story because oh my god it’s hilarious.


Monday 28th December 2009, 12:18 pm

It’s odd, I *feel* like I spill out everything about me on my blog. The very weird thing is that I have a number of friends to whom I used to talk almost every day, and still *do* talk quite regularly to, and they can read my blog and work out what’s going on in my life and in some ways that’s basically how we keep in touch, so I guess if you know me reasonably well, and you know a bit of backstory, it doesn’t take much to keep track of my life merely through my blog and the odd text. At the same time I know that *actually* if you *don’t* know that extra stuff and you just read my blog you won’t find out much about what’s actually going on in my life.

I talk about home friends to uni friends, and vice versa, all the time, partly as a way of keeping missed friends close in my mind, partly because I have a few amusing little snippets to recount (I think) or because those anecdotes say more about me than they do about whatever friend it is I’m also talking about. Also because like my mother I’m… not a gossip, as such, because I forget gossip like a sieve… I suppose I’m just fascinated by people, how they work, what their motivations are, and that’s my big thing, and so I guess that’s what I talk about on my blog quite a lot and *that’s* why it feels so personal to me.

And you, flix and dickie, both have particularly interesting ways of dealing with the privacy/anonymity on the web thing. Flix, you’re cryptic, definitely, but not in an annoying way and somehow you *always* manage to get across the important things about what you’re talking about – how you’re feeling about a situation, mainly – without spilling any beans about who you are or what’s actually happening for you. Dickie, you just don’t talk about any of this stuff, and it’s interesting because you keep things so under wraps that I guess some would question why you blog, except that actually, your blog is fascinating and more gets through than you’d realise :P and anyway, all the stuff you’re deliberately saying – adult stuff like your course and your career plans and how it feels to be at home/work/whatever – is really interesting.

I don’t nkow; I guess this, all of this, is why I find other peoples’ blogs so fascinating.


Tuesday 29th December 2009, 12:22 pm

I think I’m pretty much the opposite to you, Dickie – I write whatever I like on my blog but in real life I’m pretty quiet about stuff to all bar close friends (although actually I’m not sure if this is still true). My uni life and home life though are pretty similar – I don’t mix the two and anything which crosses the border between them feels a bit alien, which is odd.

You blog is pretty good though – you epitomise the idea that the less you say the more you’re listened to, and you put thought into your posts which shows. Even long spiels about motorsports are relatively interesting if only for the fact that they’re a small window into a part of life I know nothing about.

So yes. Etc.


Tuesday 29th December 2009, 10:00 pm

@Callan: Sorry for being so alien :P and when are you in Soton? Haven’t seen you in ages!

And as to the rest of Callan’s comment – agreed – your blog is well-written and definitely interesting and yes, it’s interesting to get a different perspective and learn more about things like motorsport and engineering and jazz. Well, not jazz, but, yeah. xxx

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