That Idiot’s Guide Thing…

Sunday 29th August 2010

In the comments for my post on German Grand Prix, Jenny suggested the idea of an “idiot’s guide to motorsport”. That was a month ago and I’ve been meaning to follow it up, because as you may have noticed I quite like writing about that sort of stuff and I think it’s a pretty good idea.

So I will write it up at some point (probably…), but for now I thought it might be worth pointing out that coverage of the Belgian Grand Prix starts at 12:05 today on BBC 1. If you want to find out about motorsport then it’s probably worth watching a race, and I certainly recommend the Belgian GP because it’s generally one of the better ones on the calendar. And also, there’s been rain the last few days at the track, and the BBC website currently tells me that heavy rain is forecast for the race tomorrow. Wet races are always exciting, so probably worth having a look if you’ve never seen an F1 race before.

If you miss it live and still want to watch it, then it’ll be on iPlayer all week (along with the practice sessions and qualifying), here.

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