Friday 6th May 2011

Looking at the results in the AV referendum so far, something occurs to me.

At the moment, it’s running at 32% in favour of AV, 68% against. The regional results are somewhat interesting though: 7 for, 314 against.

In this case, the regional results are not important. The winning side will be whoever has over 50% of the vote, which is as it should be. If, though, this was for representatives, the picture would be different, because the votes of 32% of people would amount to 2% of the representatives.

Nothing new, and I have no idea whether the regional boundaries used here are the same as those used for normal elections. But it’s yet another illustration that electoral reform is desperately needed.

AV wouldn’t have solved this issue, but it would’ve been an improvement on FPTP. The fact that so much of the population has rejected it – and therefore bought into the propaganda from the No campaign – is somewhat concerning actually.

People moan about politics and politicians, yet rejected a system which would’ve made them more accountable. Very odd.

As an aside, I’m even more amazed at the general backlash against the Liberal Democrats, but not against the Tories – or Labour, whose actions in government have fundamentally caused much of the mess that the Coalition Government are trying to fix. Do people really have such a superficial grasp of politics? How depressing.

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Friday 6th May 2011, 9:31 pm

“How depressing”

Yup. #idiotsarewinning

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