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Saturday 24th April 2010

This time last year, I was still working at Brize (which is in David Cameron’s constituency, in fact) . I spent the weekdays doing Stuff which was usually entertaining, working on a project that was fairly interesting.

In the evenings, I spent my time in a pub. Where I had my bar tab paid for. My evenings were spent relaxing in my room watching DVDs or surfing the net for an hour or so, before going down to the bar for tasty food and refreshing beer. Which was paid for. Occasionally my colleague and I would stroll over to the pub over the road for a few more pints (which sadly weren’t bought for us), to sample the delights of whatever guest ales they had in and to generally put the world to rights, in the way that only seems to happen after generous amounts of beer has been consumed.

At the start of the week, I had an enjoyable drive to work. I left at 6am, but I quite enjoyed driving along and watching the sun rising ever higher above the horizon as I got nearer to work,  noticing the mist which always hung above the river at a certain point, seeing people as they started their daily routine. And of course the sequence of hairpins going up Fish Hill. At the end of the week, the drive back was less entertaining because of traffic, but it didn’t matter because work was done. It was the start of the weekend, and after an early Friday finish that’s all that really mattered.

I don’t particularly miss the work so much. But as I look towards the next few weeks of coursework and viva and revision and exams, it’s hard not to reminisce.

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Where I’m At

Thursday 27th August 2009

It’s my last day of work tomorrow. I’ve been working back in Cardiff for the last couple of months, doing the enabling works for the job I was going to start in January. I’ve had a lot more responsibility here which has been pretty cool, and in lots of ways I’d be happy to stay in work rather than go back to uni. For some reason though, having the finish line in sight makes me look forward all the more to finishing, going home and doing all the things I’ve been unable to do while I’ve been working.

I’ve had a damn good year. Probably my best since starting uni, which – while it may not augur well for the coming year – makes me think that at least I’ve picked the right profession, which is good. It’s been a fairly unsettled year, but perhaps that’s made it better. I really hate routine, so the rotation from consultancy to contracting then between sites probably helped keep my attention. Either way, it’s been enjoyable and very satisfying. I’ve got lots of good memories, especially from working on site. It’s a fairly concentrated thing, working away, because all you have to occupy your mind is work during the day (obviously) then during the evening you socialise with colleagues as well. That said, one of my favourite things about contracting is the amount of different people you meet. As the work goes on different people come on-site to do different things, and you start to work up good relationships with some of them. The interesting thing about being a site engineer is that you have to talk to everyone and get on well with them, be it company directors or general labourers out on site. You meet a good spread of people, which means that if you ever get bored it’s easy to go out and find someone to talk to…

This summer has also been extremely good. While I was working in Oxford I didn’t get much chance to see friends. During the week I was obviously away and during the weekends I was generally tired or busy doing stuff I couldn’t do during the week because I was away from home. Since I’ve been in Cardiff I’ve at least been able to catch up well with uni-friends and it’s been pretty cool, including lots of pub trips and a road trip to North Wales which was fairly awesome, even if I did get beaten at pool by a guy with 2 broken arms. Had some home-friends down to visit the other week as well, went to V with them this last weekend (absolutely awesome, which surprised me) and I’ll be home the next few weeks (well, mostly. Still have to come to Cardiff a couple of times a week for hospital appointments 8-). So I’ve had loads of chance to see all the important people (except Lucy, we need to catch up when I’m back home. And one other person who has mostly fallen through the net and You Know Who You Are ¬_¬).

I’ve been thinking about the future recently as well. I’m going into my final year, so should probably think about what to do. I have some ideas, but really it all hinges around who will actually give me a job… I have some ideas, but nothing concrete (and honestly, pun not intended). I have no real idea where I’d wanna live as well. I have a few places in mind, but again it all hinges around work. I have very little tying me down to any particular place so I think that I may as well go somewhere new. Outside of work, I have a fairly good idea of what I want. Whether that is attainable or not, however, is a different matter. Whether I throw caution to the wind and see what happens, or abandon that idea completely, is also a different matter and one I’m trying to decide upon at the moment (yes I’m lame. Shut up now).

Anyhow, on the whole, life is pretty fucking awesome. And now, I must sleep!

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